The Faith Club Part 4

Over the course of reading the book “The Faith Club” many things resonated with me but one statement from Ranya, the Muslim woman, sums things up.  “Once you can see things from both sides you’re on the side of compassion and humanity.”  Another thing that impressed me was a bit of wisdom from my friend, Cheryl, during a walk last weekend.  “Don’t judge a religion … Continue reading The Faith Club Part 4

The Faith Club Part 2

My son, Kyle, was born with a bump on his head and it terrified me.  As a first time mom I was certain he would become gravely ill and I would not be able to hang on to him.  Perhaps it was the postpartum imbalance of hormones but I found myself crying in the shower.  Then and there I surrendered.  I conceded I could not do … Continue reading The Faith Club Part 2

Bob Sevey

As a kid growing up in Hawaii, perhaps the most influential person on the island was KGMB anchor Bob Sevey.  He was our Walter Cronkite.  Our TV set was always tuned to his newscasts in the evening and he and his protegee, Linda Coble, were the reason I went into television in the first place.  Bob Sevey died on Friday but his excellence and legacy … Continue reading Bob Sevey