Journalism 101

Are you a graduate looking for a career in the glamorous world of journalism? Ready to jump right in and make a difference? I’m sure I sounded this naive about 30 years ago. For more information on Vicky Collins visit   Continue reading Journalism 101

Rocky Mountain News Blues

I’m not the best headline writer. Mine always seem a bit trite and cute but I know a good one when I see one and today’s headline on the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News tugged at my heart. It said simply “Goodbye, Colorado.” Nothing fancy. Just poignant as hell. Today was the swan song for the 149 year old newspaper and I must … Continue reading Rocky Mountain News Blues

Newspaper War

My husband and I had a newspaper war.  Our subscriptions to the local papers lapsed and I didn’t renew them.  It was sort of an experiment to see if we would really miss not having the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News delivered to our home.  Everything is available to us on line and I scan half a dozen news websites a day.  Often by the … Continue reading Newspaper War