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The Audition Tape

My 11 year old son, Blair, wants to be a movie director when he grows up and asked if he could attend Denver School of the Arts so he has a better shot at getting into a good film program someday. The audition process was as grueling as getting into college. He needed a 2:00 film, an essay, a resume, a storyboard and examples of his graphic work. Then there was the interview and test. And of course he needed to show passion and enthusiasm. A process not for the faint of heart. We are still waiting to hear if he got in but I thought you might be interested in seeing his film. He has been at this since he was 7 and even has his own company called Figure Productions. The motto is “Go Figure.” You can see more of his work and ideas at He’s very talented (if I do say so myself) and I’m so proud of my little Steven Spielberg.

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Future Filmmaker

Blair Ewalt with Feathered Friend

My ten year old son, Blair, wants to be the next Steven Spielberg or John Lasseter or George Lucas. He is already shooting short films, editing them on I-Movie, composing original music on his keyboard and posting his work on his website at YouTube The name of his company is Figure Productions. His motto is… you guessed it… Go Figure.  Tonight he was rendering the 3D logo he created. He is a computer whiz.  The other day he was creating fonts and letterhead. This has been going on since he was seven. I have been in the television business for over 25 years. Things are changing and I need to add shooting and editing to my repertoire. My Blair could teach me how it’s done. Last night we were watching TV together. He blew by “Hannah Montana” and “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.” He decided we were going to watch Leslie Iwerks documentary called “The Story of Pixar.” Who knows if he will move on from this interest, like he did from his dream of being an architect/engineer, but for the moment I am seeing the fire in him that I felt when I was first getting in the business. Blair says our television careers have inspired him but he inspires me.  He is already thinking of what film school he will attend. Blair also says he is going to be wildly successful as a director and promises to build me the house on the beach that I’m dreaming about. I will sit on my porch and watch the sun set then go inside and enjoy my kid’s films. Now wouldn’t that be a happy ending.

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