Polar Bears in Peril?

Polar Bear in Churchill, Manitoba

Blaine Harrington is one of the premier travel photographers in the world. He journeys all over the globe taking memorable images of people and places which end up in books and magazines. He has been honored extensively for his work which can be viewed on his website at http://blaineharrington.com. This past October Blaine visited Churchill, Manitoba to photograph the polar bears. He returned with spectacular images but couldn’t get one of the major agencies which is a regular client interested in buying the photos. The reason, they told him, is because there wasn’t snow on the ground. Marketable polar bear photos must show the huge animals in a sea of white, not lounging around on kelp beds being lethargic. It wasn’t picture perfect because the snow and frigid temperatures came a couple of weeks late this past year. The hungry bears were… well chillin’… conserving their energy and waiting for cold weather so the ice would form and they could get busy hunting for seals. More evidence of global warming? Whatever your thoughts, science shows the ice is melting earlier and forming later. The bears have less time to hunt. Another day at the beach for the polar bears?

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