Joe the Plumber

I watched the final Presidential debate last night and the discussion about Joe the Plumber.  Joe is a plumber from Toledo, Ohio who challenged Barack Obama because his taxes would go up if he bought his bosses business.  Since the business makes over $250,000 a year his taxes would rise from 36% to 39% under Obama’s plan.  On the surface it seems like a blow to small business but when “Joe the Plumber” visited me recently to replace a water heater the bill was $1300.  I was charged $185 an hour and when my heart stopped the technician told me other plumbers in Denver charged even more.  This is a huge cost for any family.  My hunch is when Joe acquires his bosses business he will be very successful and probably can afford to pay a bit more in taxes.  I respect how hard Joe works and believe he and his family should benefit financially from his effort but once he buys his bosses business he is the owner who sets the rates and as a consumer I felt like I was the one who was getting soaked.

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2 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber

  1. Good post Vicky! Joe the plumber will be relying heavily on the people that make less than $250,000 to support his business, so you would think he would support Obama’s plan.

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