Tears and Fears

There was hardly a dry eye in America. When Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States last night tears flowed in abundance. They flowed for those who didn’t live to see the day and for those who never thought it would come. They flowed from relief and pride and possibility. Men and women, Black and White, young and old acknowledged how transformative this moment was. It seems Americans of all races are standing a little taller today. This will be one of the defining moments for our nation. We’ll all remember where we were when we heard the news.

Denver Obama Rally October 2008
Denver Obama Rally October 2008

The challenges are daunting and Obama must manage expectations. It would be an understatement to say there is not some fear out there for our new leader and his ability to tackle the messes that have been left for him. Can he unite a divided country? Can he make everyone feel like they are part of the solution? So much is riding on his Presidency and his optimistic “Yes We Can.” If we can organize to get him elected than we can step up and help him achieve the things he promised.

The whole world is hopeful. I received messages from friends in Australia and Canada. On Facebook, Zipporah, wondered how Air Force One would land in Kisumu in Kenya. We have sent an emphatic message to a world that was holding its collective breath along with us. Across the globe there were tears and celebrations and hope that somehow Barack Obama will be good for them too. History is being written in America and in the world. Time to savor the moment, dry our eyes and get to work.

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One thought on “Tears and Fears

  1. I was in awe at how the world reacted to the election. It’s amazing that this election was so much bigger than us electing an African-American president, it’s HOPE and CHANGE for us and the rest of the world! It’s a wonderful feeling!

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