Mumbai On My Mind

I’m taking this attack in Mumbai personally and it makes me sick. I just returned from India on Monday after an amazing few days in Delhi. We went to attend the wedding of Pravheen and Akanksha. We made Indian friends and were treated like honored guests. As Westerners we were welcomed with open arms by a warm and gracious people. We were invited into their homes and they took care of us as though we were family. We toured the city and took in the sights and the chaos. In Old Delhi I asked a Muslim man if I could take his picture and he kindly obliged. He asked me if I was Muslim or Christian. I was unsure what to say. I told the truth. No. I am a Jew. It didn’t seem to matter and when he walked away I flashed him the peace sign.

Men in Old Delhi
Men in Old Delhi

And now this. This horrible wreckage caused by extremists. Random and ruthless. Lashing out at innocent people from all over the world. I hope in our collective outrage all the nations that were victimized stand together to fight back against these people who continue to drive stakes in the hearts of peace loving men and women. We are exhausted by fear. We are tired of seeing people dead in the streets from senseless violence and hatred. When are we going to put deeds behind our words of condemnation? Who cares if we condemn the violence? What good does it do if the people of the world don’t demand once and for all that it end and take action to insure it stops happening? I didn’t make it to Mumbai but my thoughts and prayers are with the people who were there and I’m taking the attack against them very personally.

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