The New Face(book) of News

I first learned the layoffs had begun on Wednesday morning when I woke up.  A friend posted a desperate cry that she was trying to stay sane after half of NBC’s network bureau was let go  in Dallas.  It was deja vu for me.  I was downsized 10 years ago and I watched Facebook all day as people started changing their status and talking about getting their resumes together.  One colleague is dusting off his resume after two decades of work.  I commiserated with my friends (how else) through Facebook. 

Then yesterday a cryptic note by a newspaper acquaintance.  At half past noon she wrote that she was feeling as badly as the day the News/Post JOA was announced.  The staff of the Rocky Mountain News had been informed that Denver’s second daily was up for sale.  On TV that evening I learned more.  The Rocky Mountain News was looking for buyers and if it was not purchased in a ridiculously short period of time it could close its doors after almost 150 years. I heard it first on Facebook.

Perhaps I have too much time of my hands which explains why I check Facebook several times a day but more and more I am feeling the pulse of a wide range of friends, friends of friends and others.  When the attacks happened in Mumbai people expressed their outrage and angst on Facebook.  When Obama was elected people were jumping up and down on Facebook.  It is the purest form of news, these little vox pops or man on the street comments that connect us across continents.  It took the blogs 24 hours to catch up about the layoffs.  This week Facebook had the news before the news.

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