Tech Support

It was a daunting problem. How to get the laptop to talk via wireless to the new HP All-In-One printer. It had worked before but suddenly nothing. I spent a couple hours on the problem a week ago. My husband did the same. He told me to return the printer. It didn’t work and was under warranty. It was junk. I decided to give it one more try. I got Nio on the phone. He is in the Philippines, an hour flight from Manila. He was able to take control of my computer to troubleshoot but needed a new encryption key for the router. He asked me to call Qwest. I got Kay on the phone. She was in Manila in the Philippines too. Whodathunkit? With Nio in one ear and Kay on the other we started to tackle the problem. Sometimes it was crazy with them both talking at once. What’s the IP Address? WEP key? Can you go to the set up menu and configure the wireless? It took international cooperation. Then SUCCESS! We solved the problem. The printer works again. There was no war with Hewlett Packard. Diplomacy triumphed in the end.

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