30 Minute Seder

I love Passover.  The Jewish holiday is meaningful, joyous and delicious.  I look forward all year long to the celebration around the table with friends and family.  What’s not to love about a dinner that lasts all evening and ends with the poignant words “next year in Jerusalem.”  It is always a memorable night.  So imagine my surprise when I saw the advertisement in the New York Times Magazine for “Passover redefined… for today’s Jewish Family!  For $5.95 you can purchase the 30 minute seder, a Haggadah that blends brevity with tradition.  “You Saved Our Seder!” shouts Beth C. of NYC.   A little frog on the ad says it’s all about “making Passover fun” and best of all, it’s rabbinically approved.  Perfect for the family on the go!! 

Have we become so busy that we can no longer spend a few hours at a special meal?  Are we so consumed with our Blackberry’s, IPhones and multitasking that we can’t sit still and enjoy our friends, families and faith?  The ad says it keeps the high points intact, but what about the nuance.  Shouldn’t there also be time for reflection on relieving suffering and working against injustice and leaving a trail of goodness in the world?  Shouldn’t we contemplate the bitterness of oppression that the Jews experienced and that still lingers in the world today?  Is there even time to welcome Elijah and find the afikomen?  My late Nana would say “oy vey.”

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