Feedback from The Faith Club

Told Ranya, Suzanne and Priscilla about my blog and they have linked to it.  I’ve returned the favor in my blogroll.   Here’s the nice email they sent me.  Please check out their site at if you would like to join the conversation.

Hi Vicky –

Thank you so very much for your email. We are honored that our words in any way inspired yours. Please thank Kathy for suggesting The Faith Club to you! Your writing is beautiful and it is generous of you to share your own internal debate with us and the world. We always say that the journey of The Faith Club is one that an individual can undertake on their own, and you are vibrant, living proof of that! We put a link to your blog up on our website and hope many people get to read your beautiful writing. L’Shanah Tova!
All the best and please keep in touch –
Ranya, Suzanne and Priscilla
For more information on Vicky Collins visit

One thought on “Feedback from The Faith Club

  1. I have recently read “The Faith Club” and found it a very engaging story. I appreciated the vulnerability of the three women and enjoyed seeing the bonds of friendship grow between them as they shared their faith journeys. I am wondering if they are familiar with the recent phenomena that is occurring across the Muslim world and is documented in books such as Tom Dolye’s “Dreams and Visions?” I would be interested in the faith club ladies’ reaction to this movement.

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