Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize

My reaction to the announcement this morning about President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize was pleasant surprise.  Before I could even process the magnitude of the announcement KHOW’s conservative talk show host Peter Boyles began blabbering about how he was nominated on February 1 and it was just days after his inauguration and he hasn’t accomplished anything yet and what where they thinking, blah, blah, blah.  His outrage was palpable.  Even my 11 year old son Blair was confused.  He blurted out “for what?”  The analysis of what this all means, was it right, has he really achieved anything, etc. will continue ad nauseum through the day.  I would like to applaud the Nobel Committee for taking a risk on the promise of peace.  I’m sure the other candidates were incredibly worthy and even if the honor is a bit premature I think Barack Obama’s selection is inspired.  It puts more pressure on him to live up to his vows to bring nations together, to reduce nuclear arms, to get us talking with our adversaries.  He won for the promise of peace and it works for me. 

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