Acid Attacks: Personal and Political

Many of you have come to this blog to watch the story about Juliette and read about her brutal acid attack in Kampala, Uganda (  I had always considered the violence against Juliette and other women like her as personal.  Jealous men destroy the lives of women who threaten them in some way.  Nicholos Kristof of the New York Times writes widely on this subject as he moves about the developing world.  In the following blog, Jim Verhulst of the St. Petersburg Times, argues that terrorism like this needs to be considered in the larger political framework, especially as President Obama ponders what to do in Afghanistan where attacks like this happen frequently.  Can we realistically bring change to a country where it is entrenched that there is less value to a life that is poor and female.  Nicholas, Jim and I are among those who are trying to give a voice to women who are victims of this kind of atrocity.  So is Emilio Morenatti of the Associated Press.  He took the photos you are about to see and these portraits of damage and despair are shocking.  How can men do this to women and what can we as a compassionate world do?  We must honor the beauty and spirit of these women, and women like Juliette, by stopping this carnage once and for all.  The choices we make as we contemplate our missions abroad must also keep this in mind.   

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