Meeting Aron Ralston

Aron Ralston

It’s hard to wrap your head around what Aron Ralston had to do in a slot canyon in Utah in 2003.  While hiking he dislodged a boulder and his arm was pinned beneath the huge rock for six days.  To escape certain death he amputated his own arm then rappelled down a 65 foot wall and hiked eight miles before he found help.  The act of courage sent him into the stratosphere of fame and inspiration and earned him a spot on Today’s “Buzziest Stories of the Decade.”  Six years later he is married, house hunting in Boulder, Colorado and expecting a son around Valentine’s Day.  His story, which he chronicled in the book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”, is the subject of an upcoming movie by “Slumdog Millionaire” director, Danny Boyle.  Ralston told NBC Today Show host, Meredith Vieira, “I especially like talking to groups about responsibility and being the author of your life.  We get to create this life, and I think that our mental mindset is a lot of what goes into that, seeing things that could have been a tragedy, and seeing them as a blessing and maximizing the opportunities that come.”

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Aron Ralston


    Hi. I would very much like to write to Aron directly, to tell him how his book inspired me.
    I am using somebody else’s computer at the moment, since I don’t have my own Internet access. I receive email via my parents’ address.
    Please may I have an email address for Aron.
    My other contact details:-
    mobile: +27 766879246
    Postal: P.O.Box 1955

    LANDLINE: +27 33 3434789
    Im also on (mobile web) facebook “Natalie Palmer, South Africa (can also try “Nat Queen Cole”).
    Thank you
    kind regards, best wishes for 2010

    Natalie Palmer

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