Moderate Muslims

Eboo Patel writes a column featured in USA Today reminding people that moderate Muslims are also in the fight against extremists.  They believe terrorism goes against the teachings of Islam and call on all Americans not to let the radicals make us fearful and divide us from good neighbors who also are longing for peace.

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2 thoughts on “Moderate Muslims

  1. The guy at Fort Hood in Texas was called a moderate Muslim until the day he murdered 14 Americans on the base. (Number includes the unborn child)

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. The Fort Hood massacre was tragic and the fact that it was a fellow soldier made it even more horrifying. I still believe, however, that most Muslims want peace and are trying to do right by their communities and families. It is unfortunate for all of us that people fear an entire culture because of the actions of a radicalized few. Really appreciate your comment and will check out your blog.

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