Masters Morality Play

Watching the Masters with a bunch of teenage boys, I was struck by how they admired Tiger Woods for his “bad ass” ways.  They didn’t seem to hold him accountable for his cheating heart.  All they wanted was to see him win so they could cash in on their bets.  I, on the other hand, was disappointed in him, not wanting all to be forgiven with a win at Augusta.  It seems redemption should be harder to come by than a triumph in golf.  I realize it is none of my business what happened between Tiger and Elin but I find it difficult to care about this guy anymore.  I want to watch a good man not just a good golfer.  Is this a gender thing?  Are men more willing to let bygones be bygones?  Do women hold Tiger to a higher standard?  Please tell me it doesn’t break down this way.  For months I heard that all it would take to put this scandal, this implosion, behind Tiger was a win at the Masters.  Sure everyone wanted to see how the story would play out, but isn’t it karma that a great guy like Phil Mickelson, who has stayed loyal to his wife during her tough year with cancer, came out on top.  What a joy to see him tearfully embrace his beautiful wife, Amy, at the end of the tournament and really mean it.  My son and his friends cheer for Tiger Woods because he is a brilliant golfer, because when he plays, the televised game of golf is more interesting, and now also because he has a string of mistresses which elevates him to a new level of naughtiness.  It’s not that I can’t ever forgive Tiger Woods but my respect is harder to earn.  It takes more than a green jacket to make him a champion in my eyes or, I would surmise, in Elin’s (who is the only one who really matters at the moment anyway.)    The 2010 Masters ended as a morality play and, for a change, the good guy did finish first.

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