We are the World (Cup)

Sad to see the United States go down to Ghana in the 2010 FIFA World Cup but also glad to see Africa still in the game. The energy in the streets of Kampala was amazing while we were there. People would crowd outside of bars and stare through the windows of stores to watch the tiny televisions tuned in to the games. I’m sure they’re proud to have a team still in the hunt. This song was playing during every commercial break in Uganda’s World Cup coverage. It featured a little animated African boy drinking Coca-Cola. I like the full length celebration mix. A rousing anthem to keep me in the spirit even if the trophy is not for America (this year.) Love how the world can put aside its differences and come together for soccer. Thanks K’Naan for the rousing anthem.

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2 thoughts on “We are the World (Cup)

  1. Hi Vicky…awesome video. Did you produce it? How exciting to be in South Africa for soccer. My boys (especially my 9 year old) has been glued to the tele watching all the matches. It’s been great to have soccer be the buzz in our community.
    Great to hear from you…

  2. Hi Shelli-Kae, Thanks for reading the blog. I wish I had produced the video and that I was in South Africa for World Cup. I was actually in Uganda. Half a continent away but still close enough to feel the fire. The World Cup has definitely turned me into a soccer fan. Hope you and the boys enjoy the rest of the competition. Go Ghana! Would be great to see you again. Best, Vicky

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