Benchwarmers Bails

Benchwarmers Tavern and Grill opened about a month ago in my Centennial, Colorado neighborhood then just yesterday the restaurant, which was an anchor of the retail complex at Arapahoe and Peoria, closed down.  Apparently they stiffed all their employees as they shut the door.  I heard about it on 9News.  It’s all very puzzling but I wonder if something I witnessed might have been part of the reason they ran out of money.  When the restaurant opened I took my 12 year old son to eat there.  Immediately I saw it was kind of a Hooters of sports bars.  The waitresses wore short shorts that climbed up their butts and tight referee tops that were cut low so you could see their red push up bras.  You understood right away what kind of a crowd they were going after.  What really offended me though was that I sat at an adjacent table while the 50 something male manager was doing a job interview.  A lovely young woman came in looking for a waitress job.  She apparently was being mistreated by the boss she was working for and was looking for something else.  The Benchwarmers manager spoke to her and the only thing they discussed (besides her woes at her job) was how she needed to go to see this group of women that would make her model the uniform and see how she looked in it.  Then if they approved of her she could get hired.  I mentioned that I overheard this to the manager.  He kind of shrugged it off then returned to the table a few minutes later to reassure me he talks to them more in depth when they return after their audition.  He also told me it was like he had 30 daughters.  I immediately decided that I did not want my money to flow through Benchwarmers and I would not be returning.  I am not a prude by any means but I felt the restaurant was exploiting women and was not appropriate for a family neighborhood.  I don’t think my high school aged son or husband agree but as a mom I found the place distasteful.  I wonder if other women had the same reaction and that is why Benchwarmers is failing.  My heart bleeds for the young women that were not only exploited but also screwed. Shame on you, Benchwarmers!

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