Waste Not, Want Not

The other night my colleagues and I ordered pizza to be delivered to our workplace at the International Broadcast Centre during our shift at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India. There have been tons of issues with the catering here so we had food brought in. At the end of the evening there were still four untouched boxes of pizza that were cold and had been sitting around. We threw them out. On our way back to our hotels we walked past all the security personnel who would be on alert all night and regretted our decision to waste the food. With that in mind I was very gratified today to see what my colleague, Anu, did at a local shopping area. We were eating street food and she ordered something she could not finish. Instead of throwing it away, like we would do in the states, she handed her unfinished dish of lentils to a young boy who gobbled it up. In a country with so much poverty I found it inspiring to pass the food to a stranger rather than throw it in the bin. It was much more dignified for the lad to accept the kindness of Anu than to be hungry or beg or fish the food out of the trash. Anu said if she puts something on her plate she must finish it or she feels bad. If she can’t finish then she shares. It was a win-win for both Anu and the boy and food for thought for this visitor.

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