War and Remembrance 3

My conversation with Ben Coker, Jr. of South Carolina continues following my Veterans Day post.

In response to your letter to me, I very respectfully offer the following:

I agree with you on the point you made about unity going into WWII. We had been seriously violated by Japan’s blatant and flagrant attack on us at Pearl Harbor. However before I discuss that issue, let’s examine the time at which these events occurred. In 1929 the Stock Market crashed and left a nation in disarray and financially devastated. My father was born in 1910, my mother 1917. They told us children of the difficulty they had suffered through the ensuing years to the conclusion of the war. The American people’s endurance of these traumatic years prepared them to face the difficult years of WWII. They were united and had resolved to defeat the tyrants who had inflicted so much devastation.

This unity persisted throughout WWII; However Churchill had made repeated requests of President Roosevelt to enter the war as ally to England and France without fruition. Our leadership had taken the position that “We did not have a dog in the fight” which seems to be the attitude of most people about so many issues that so immensely impact our lives. Nevertheless, coming out of WWII our nation remained united and we enjoyed much growth and financial advancement during the fifties. Nonetheless, there was an effort by the Communist nations after WWII to spread communism throughout the world. Russia and China were asserting themselves in the effort to spread communism to other nations even if this had to be achieved through hostile action as it had been done in so many other instances.

The USA did not desire another WWII type of altercation that would be all consuming and preferred to support the nations upon whom these two super powers tried to thrust their life styles. So the Kennedy administration decided it was best to send troops to Vietnam in an effort to thwart them from being invaded by North Vietnam and being indoctrinated into communism. Thus we became ensnared in a war that was entangled with politics that prevented us from achieving the objective.

Of course I do not always agree with force to settle disagreements, but let me respectfully remind you of some issues. You mentioned Iraq. Let’s talk about Iraq, but before I do, let me remind you of the Holocaust. When our military discovered the atrocious death camps, leaders of the free world said this kind of atrocity must never happen again. Fast forward to Iraq. Iraq was at war with Iran in the 80s and we provided support to Iraq because we had already left Iran under very bad terms. So it was during this period of time we provided to Iraq the mustard gas that it would eventually use on the Kurdish people in the North in an effort to extinguish them just as Hitler had tried to extinguish the Jews! Should we have tried to stop Saddam from murdering more innocent people? Then he murdered millions more who did not subscribe to his beliefs and ideology.

I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington and the sites only confirmed the scenes I had already seen in other museums and literary works. Should the USA have entered the war earlier in an effort to save these Innocent people from the hands of butchers like Hitler and Mussolini? On the exterior walls of the Holocaust Museum in Washington are inscriptions from many presidents who unequivocally said we must never allow this to happen again. Should we turn our heads from those who are being oppressed, maimed and killed throughout the world? Keep in mind, our leaders would never have entered WWII if the Japanese had not awakened the sleeping giant. Germany was bombing England every day in the days prior to our being bombed by Japan. The USA played the appeasement game. “We did not have a dog in the fight”. Prior to our being bombed, Americans did not want to enter the war in Eurpoe.

Should we have stayed out of Kosovo and Serbia and allowed the genocide to continue? If this was happening to you and your family, how would you answer the question? I vehemently disagreed with Bill Clinton’s position of appeasement beginning in 1993 after the first World Trade Center bombings. You can not effectively deal with tyrants from a position of weakness. He exerted no effort to capture the assailants. This failure only emboldened the terrorists.

Let me encourage you to look up Lt. Colonel Allen West’s speeches and writings on Muslims and Islam. Col. West is a well spoken man who understands the threats posed by the radicals of Islam. Islam leaders have tried to conquer the world for centuries and this will not change. We are the infidels of the world and they will persist in their effort to extinguish us. At least this is their logic. Look up the history of the battles in which Islam has tried to thrust Islam upon all. You may say that the present government is corrupt. However I ask you are the women and children better off?

I do not wish harm on anyone. I am a peace loving man who has endured the unjust tax system of the US that takes from me and gives so much to those who will not work at at all. I, like most Americans, want to help the needy but not the lazy clueless derelicts who are products of no discipline.

Discipline is the mechanism that will help you to live a principled life. It is the tool by which we maintain our integrity. These two are the bridge between the goals we set for ourselves and the accomplishment of the goals. You may ask do I agree with our war in Afghanistan. I do believe we had no choice except to remove the Taliban and to try to provide a disciplined government for the people of that nation. After enduring so many atrocities the hands of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, we had to initiate steps to prevent future attacks.

My son has told me of the services he has attended for the fallen and the grief that he finds so difficult. In the Civil War President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus which is one of our basic freedoms. Do you agree that there are times when our civil liberties should be suspended for the good of the nation? At the time Lincoln made the right decision and history has confirmed that.

After 9-11 we were never attacked again on American soil. We can thank George Bush whether you like him or not.
I am reminded of the priest who lived in Germany during WWII and experienced first hand the brutality of the vicious butchers. His name was Martin Niemoller and he wrote:

First they came for the communists, but I did not speak up because I was not a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionist but I did not speak up because I was not a member of the trade union.
Then They came for the Jews and I did not speak up because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me and no one else was left to speak up.

You see, he had been promised by Hitler that if he would not resist the German’s rise that he would be left alone to worship. He believed Hitler as did so many others in Germany. He was appeased!

Appeasement is a very dangerous mechanism in the hands of the wrong person. There was a professor who told his students he could capture all of the wild animals he wanted without any firearms. They did not believe him. So he went into the wild and erected one side of a four sided fence and place feed by it for several weeks. The animals acclimated to eating beside the fence. He then erected a second side of the fence and maintained the feed to which the animals acclimated. He then erected a third side of the fence and continued to feed the animals. Eventually he erected the fourth side with a gate that allowed the animals to come and go as they pleased at the delight of the professor. This enabled the professor to close the gate at feeding time to ensnare the animals.

We will never have 100% agreement on any issue, but we must have a very strong defense as a deterrent to the tyrants who would extinguish us from the face of the earth.

I hope I have provided some enlightenment. I am not a proficient typist but I am a very well versed writer.


Thanks you,
Ben Coker Jr.
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Summerville, S.C, 29483
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