American Idol?

I am in shock!  Not that Kris Allen isn’t incredibly talented because he is, but who could fill the Pepsi Center and Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center?  Who would appeal to women across the board and a whole lot of men too.   Adam Lambert is one of the most unique, out of the box contestants American Idol has ever seen.  He is a superstar.  He … Continue reading American Idol?

American Idol and the High School Male

For parents struggling to communicate with their teenage children I recommend… drum roll please… American Idol (  Like many parents I am often at a loss about how to have a meaningful conversation with my 15 year old son, Kyle.  He loves sports and is a promising athlete himself so he and his father never run out of things to discuss.  Patching up an argument is easy … Continue reading American Idol and the High School Male