American Idol?

I am in shock!  Not that Kris Allen isn’t incredibly talented because he is, but who could fill the Pepsi Center and Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center?  Who would appeal to women across the board and a whole lot of men too.   Adam Lambert is one of the most unique, out of the box contestants American Idol has ever seen.  He is a superstar.  He is sexy (even if he is gay or androgynous) and so incredibly versatile.  Maybe the judges beat us over the head with him and dismissed Kris after his performance of Kara DioGuardia’s vapid “No Boundaries” but they had it right.  Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul got it.  Randy Jackson got it.  Adam Lambert is the most exciting performer I’ve seen in a long time.  I would buy tickets to see him.  I’m so sorry America played it safe again.  I love an underdog but this time America got it wrong.  You could see it in the judges faces.  Too bad we can’t pick an edgy idol.

P.S.  For what it’s worth, my 15 year old son thinks coming in second on American Idol is the best thing that could happen to Adam Lambert.  Think Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson.  Look how far they’ve come and they didn’t have to sing that song. 

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