Bold Women

Picture perfect Colorado day… bluebird sky. Under the bright yellow tent at Erico Motorsports one of the premiere women in motorcycling, Genevieve Schmitt, is a guest on Peter Boyle’s live radio show USA Biker Nation The owner of Erico Motorsports is this firecracker named Tai Beldock who is working the crowd, schmoozing, marketing. In the company of these two accomplished women I’m in awe.

Tia Beldock and Genevieve Schmitt

With the journey of the 20s and 30s behind them, women like Gen and Tai are coming into such an incredible place in their 40s. Full of accomplishment and dare I say, chutzpah, these women are among the many who are building successful businesses, becoming activists in their communities and charting a course that inspires younger and older women alike. It strikes me that I’m meeting so many others like them these days… women in midlife who are going down the highway their own way. I think of the women who are starting NGOs to fight extreme poverty in the world, women who head out on life altering adventures, journalists and scientists and of course, mothers. They are fascinating and complex and motivated to create a better world. Daughters AND sons take notice. They are women with spirit. They are refreshments for the soul.

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3 thoughts on “Bold Women

  1. Tai is indeed a firecracker. I used to take my Ducati Monster there for service. Great people with great spirit for motorcycling…

  2. Good Post! There are plenty of women out there, who have their own thing going, especially into their fifties! In fact, I’d like you to join us at, a site for women that believes in embracing the changes that work around us everyday peacefully.. And in charge of ourselves! Do visit us.. And if you like us, join us! 🙂

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