A Hunger to Help

These are uncertain times. The economy is a wreck. Need is escalating throughout the world as prices rise for food and oil. Natural disasters in China and Myanmar are overwhelming and tragic. Huge NGOs like Worldvision www.worldvision.org and Care www.care.org are pleading for donations as they rush in to help. The work to do is so enormous. Can we possibly make a difference when the need is getting bigger all the time? Interestingly, there seems to be a hunger out there for people to meaningfully engage and contribute in this increasingly complex and global world. Ginny Jordan, an activist and philanthropist from Boulder, Colorado, who is also the co-founder of BeadforLife www.beadforlife.org, is seeing a trend towards a new kind of philanthropy. It is no longer only the work of the wealthy. People of ordinary means are taking volunteer vacations, sponsoring children, microlending, throwing fundraising parties, even buying goats for those in developing countries who want to raise their families out of extreme poverty.

Acholi child with mother in Kampala, Uganda slum

Through word of mouth and grassroots outreach they are involving friends, families and neighbors who are aching to get outside of themselves. In a way, Ginny adds, this is a cultural experience and those who are taking the journey are writing a new story about philanthropy. They are joining a circle of people who are affirming the exchange in giving. You give, others benefit from hope and opportunities, they touch you with their gratitude and resiliency, you receive inspiration and the riches that come from the circle of connection. The circle of exchange grows larger. Even in tough economic times, the hunger to help seems insatiable.

For more information about Vicky Collins visit http://teletrendstv.com

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