Missing Tim Russert

I never met Tim Russert but I had a chance. And I passed. My friends at Linhart PR http://linhartpr.com had invited me to see him when he appeared before the Denver Press Club in April. I was pumped. Then on the day of the event a job came up for this freelance producer and I decided to take it. It seemed so important at the moment to work that day. I figured I’d meet Tim down the road. There would be another opportunity. The reviews of the event were phenomenal. Everyone spoke in superlatives about his speech and the special occasion. And suddenly he’s gone. I cannot imagine the shock and sadness for his family and friends who loved him and worked closely with him. I cannot imagine the presidential election going forward without Tim sitting in the chair at NBC explaining it all. There’s a hole in my heart and I never even met him.

Tim Russert


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