China Rising

Saturday morning in Beijing and the sky is kind of blue.  Rain last night drove the smog away and I can see the buildings off in the distance.  It’s nice.  The Olympics begin in six weeks and Beijing is in a tizzy.  It’s down to the wire and everywhere you turn there is activity and construction.  Taking a walk on a weekday morning at 6 a.m. you see workers marching in a line as they arrive on the job.  Each day at Olympic Park there is tangible progress as China readies for its big coming out party.  There is much work to do in the next month and a half including huge tasks like cleaning up the air and reducing the traffic congestion.  It’s hard to comprehend tackling challenges that big but there’s no lack of manpower or resolve here and no one seems worried about the work getting done in time for 8.8.08.  Beijing is a very busy place these days. 


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