Economy Sucks Journal #1 12.17.08

I’m so glad we decided not to take that cruise over the holidays.  I came back from Beijing feeling a bit flush after 90 straight days of producing at the Olympics.  A Caribbean vacation sounded like a great way to spend winter break but my teenage son didn’t want to do anything that didn’t include his friends so we decided to celebrate at home.  As I look at the direction the economy is going I am grateful for his surly teenage attitude.  At the moment the money seems better in the bank.

So many people I know are uncertain about 2009.  The angst seems to transcend the color of their collar.  My housekeeper brings her unemployed construction worker son-in-law to help her clean.  He moved from Minnesota to Denver because there was no work.  A newcomer to Denver who I have coffee with tells me her fiancee is one of the 35,000 laid of workers at Bank of America.  My colleagues in television are being downsized.  Every day I read of more on the beach.  Even my friends in real estate and business development are seeing their deals collapse because no one is lending.  On a brighter note my banker called and asked if we want to refinance.  Maybe now that the Fed has lowered interest rates to nothing there will be some relief. 

A year ago I produced a story for NBC about a family facing foreclosure at Christmas and how there was nothing under the tree for the children.  Viewers responded to them with so much kindness.  I thought it couldn’t get worse than it was a year ago but here we are 12 months later and everyone is being touched.  As I count my blessings I worry for those falling through the cracks and the charities who work to help them.  And experts say things will get worse before they get better.  Scary times!

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2 thoughts on “Economy Sucks Journal #1 12.17.08

  1. Too bad you didn’t take the cruise. I hear tourist destinations are suffering mightily. But everyone is cutting back whether they need to right now or not. I know I am doing some ‘pre-emptive’ cutting back…

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