Amazing Grace

I had my first photos ever in a gallery.  A call for entries went out for a juried exhibit at Flash Gallery in Denver ( and two of my photos were selected.  The subject of the exhibit was “Home is Where the Heart Is” and photographers were encouraged to submit their visions of what home means.  Proceeds from the exhibit will go to help the Denver Rescue Mission.  One of my photos was of the aftermath of the Greensburg, Kansas tornado of 2007.  It showed a home completely demolished and a sign that read “Future Home of the Dixson Family We are Blessed.”  It stunned me that people could be so optimistic when their life was a wreck.  But the Dixson’s were.

Greensburg, Kansas Tornado 2007
Greensburg, Kansas Tornado 2007

 The other photo showed Achan Grace in her new home.  I took the photo in Uganda.  I had met Achan Grace in 2006 when she was living with her five children in the Acholi slum.  She was struggling to come out of the kind of extreme poverty that kills you.  I took her photo then.  Life was difficult and you could see it on her face. 

Achan Grace 2006
Achan Grace 2006

She was an expert beader with BeadforLife ( and through her hard work managed to save the money for a down payment on a house.  I met her again in November 2008 in her new home outside of Kampala.  I cried when I saw how far she had come.  She remembered me by name.  I was humbled.  I took Achan Grace’s photo as she looked out of her window.  She was confident and serene.

Achan Grace 2008
Achan Grace 2008
It was very gratifying to attend the opening of the exhibit.  People stopped by the photo of Achan Grace and asked me for the story.  The gallery owner kept talking about it and pointing me out as the photographer.  Achan Grace’s image touched people.  She had a look on her face that spoke of strength and triumph.  I was so proud that I could convey her struggle and accomplishment.  Finally towards the end of the evening someone purchased it.  The money will go to help the homeless.  In the wreckage of lives there is hope for recovery whether it’s from killer tornados or crushing  poverty.  I pray that the Dixson’s have rebuilt their life.  I thank God that amazing Achan Grace did.
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