Friendship Village

Ever since I traveled to Kampala, Uganda in 2006 I have wanted to tell the story about the village BeadforLife ( was creating with its members.  On our first visit we learned that affordable housing was a dream for the women who were trying to lift themselves out of extreme life crushing poverty.  Almost all wished for a home that they would own rather than rent.  They said if they could accomplish that they would no longer be poor.  The staff was still looking for the right piece of land during that visit.  When I returned to Kampala two years later my eyes popped.  A village had risen up outside of Kampala and women were saying goodbye to poverty forever.  HDNet’s World Report  ( aired our story about Friendship Village and in case you missed it I wanted to share it with you.   Paul Hillman of Seattle was the cinematographer, Godwin Opuly of Kampala was second camera and also ran audio, Bliss Bishop of HDNet was the editor and Jennifer London narrates.   


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