Note to Allied Jewish Federation

Hi Julia,

Allied Jewish Federation has been reminding me of my $50 pledge which I have yet to pay.  After doing a lot of soul searching I have decided not to honor the pledge.  During the recent Israeli/Palestinian crisis I felt Allied Jewish Federation was very strident.  What Hamas is doing is deplorable and as a Jew I grieve for Israel’s pain.  I know the country has endured a lot and has been patient over the years.  My support for Israel has never wavered but I also believe as Jews we need to work towards dialogue and reconciliation between Palestinians and Jews no matter how difficult the task.  If we do not shift our energies and our resources there will never be peace in the region.  I believe most Israelis and Palestinians want peace not war.  They realize a need to co-exist and feel safe in their homes.  The “eye for an eye” mentality no longer works in this world and we need more mature strategies.  The more violence there is, the more hate there is, and unfortunately it is being passed from generation to generation.  There are extremists and mistakes being made by people on both sides and innocent civilians continue to be caught in the middle.  I believe we need to show commitment to Israelis and Palestinians in order to finally bring about peace.  I have chosen to put my dollars behind organizations that are moving in this direction.  My apologies. 

Best, Vicky Collins

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