United Breaks Guitars Encore

As of this morning at 9 a.m. MT, Canadian Dave Carroll’s video “United Breaks Guitars” has had over 1.3 million hits on YouTube and the singer/songwriter says “it’s been a whirlwind.”  He has received a deluge of emails, a flood of Facebook friends, requests for gigs and interviews, and even a call from Oprah’s people to be a guest on the show.  “Every musician wants to get their stuff out there.  I just didn’t necessarily expect it to happen in this way,” said Carroll.  The 41 year old artist says his video has received far more attention than anything else he has done in his 15 year career as a musician.

As for United, well, it has been a learning experience.  Carroll took the high road and it has apparently “struck a chord” with United.  Not only did he and his band, Sons of Maxwell, produce a terrific music video but they also gave United the gift of a training tape so that all of us who fly the “Friendly Skies” will get better service.  Carroll says the sequel to “United Breaks Guitars” will be flying through cyberspace soon.

One thought on “United Breaks Guitars Encore

  1. Hi Vicky,
    A number of us are helping Dave try to catch up on his inbox – it has been like drinking water from a fire hose. Dave wanted to thank you for your supportive email and post here about his United Breaks Guitars video and song. No one could have predicted the extent of the “continuing” exposure internationally it has received or the positive comments people have extended to him over the past 22 days!
    We look forward to your feedback on United song #2 and the video which is in production as we speak! Of course I am biased, but if possible, it is even better!
    Thank you,
    Brent (F-I-L)

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