A Dog Speaks Out On Michael Vick

My name is Ka$h (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) and I’m a chow shepard cross.  I’m a former pound puppy who was adopted from the Denver Humane Society in October by a wonderful family.  I was only a few months old when they got me and was already returned by someone else.  When I came to my new home I had issues.  I would pee when I was happy or when I was scared or even when someone came to pat me on the head.  And I would fight with the other dog, Sydney.  We would go at it whenever food came between us and I hurt Sydney very badly.  My new family was exasperated and they were going to send me back to the pound.  But they gave me a second chance.  Now I am one year old and I’m a good girl.  I don’t pee on the rug anymore and I try really hard not to fight.  I’m an excellent watchdog and there is no one else who chases a ball as well as I do.  You should see me.  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. 

Being a dog I don’t like what Michael Vick did.  He was mean to animals and he hurt them.  I met alot of dogs in the pound who were abused and they were scarred badly.  It made them hard to adopt sometimes.  It seems weird that someone as fortunate as he was would do something so evil.  But I think he should get a second chance too.  He has gifts and maybe because of this experience he will be smarter and more compassionate and learn to do the right thing, just like I did.  Maybe he’ll even set an example for children and volunteer at the Humane Society.  If he does then he can stay with his new NFL family, the Philadelphia Eagles, and if he doesn’t, well, he just might end up back in the pound.  There are lots of dogs, and two legged animals, who deserve a chance at redemption.  I hope Michael Vick steps up like I did.  I am a smart dog and I’ve earned my place in the family.  I challenge Michael Vick to be good like me.

For more information on Vicky Collins visit http://teletrendstv.com

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