United Breaks Guitars: The Sequel

Canadian Dave Carroll and his band, Sons of Maxwell, are not giving United Airlines a break after they broke his beloved Taylor Guitar.  The sequel to United Breaks Guitars is out now.  His first video received over 5,000,000 hits on YouTube and earned him appearances on the morning shows. The production of this video is a bit more sophisticated and it even has credits and a copyright. Make sure you watch the video until the end. Its still a huge dig at an airline that frequently has little regard for its customers.  So suck it up United. So glad we still have Frontier Airlines in Denver.

One thought on “United Breaks Guitars: The Sequel

  1. Dave and group are the best entertainment I have had in many years!!!What a talented young man. I applaud him and his friends!
    May we have more of Dave…
    I hope United has listened and improved since this happened!
    Barbara Brown
    Elementary School Teacher and music lover

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