Out of Africa

Just returned from a three week trip to Uganda where we did more video production for BeadforLife (http://beadforlife.org.)  The highlight was seeing women who were dying of poverty just three years ago celebrate paying off homes they saved for and built themselves.  In a joyous ceremony BeadforLife presented 22 women with the titles to the land they sit on.  The women paraded from home to home dancing and ululating, … Continue reading Out of Africa

Animal Suicide

Richard O’Barry gets misty eyed when he talks about Cathy. His beautiful girl died in his arms. Suicide he says. Cathy was a bottlenose dolphin, one of five he trained for the 60’s television hit, “Flipper.” Her death in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium changed his world and set him on a course of activism. “I knew she was tired of suffering,” O’Barry says. “She … Continue reading Animal Suicide

Earth Day: From Farm to Table at Yosemite

During the Clinton Administration there was a move to green up the national parks.  One of the mandates was to source food locally.  Today one of the most successful examples of this is Yosemite National Park.  All the concessions are run by Delaware North and it has chosen not to go with commodities but rather to buy the produce, meats, eggs and dairy from local … Continue reading Earth Day: From Farm to Table at Yosemite

A Dog Speaks Out On Michael Vick

My name is Ka$h (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) and I’m a chow shepard cross.  I’m a former pound puppy who was adopted from the Denver Humane Society in October by a wonderful family.  I was only a few months old when they got me and was already returned by someone else.  When I came to my new home I had issues.  I would pee when … Continue reading A Dog Speaks Out On Michael Vick