The Faith Club Part 3

Three years ago I was on the road in Buenos Aires, Argentina during Rosh Hashanah.  As is my custom when I am traveling I find myself a service wherever I am.  One year I celebrated Rosh Hashanah in Wilmington, North Carolina while covering a hurricane.  Another time I spent Passover in Kampala, Uganda where we substituted Indian naan for matzah.  There was Yom Kippur in Savannah, Georgia and a seder at a … Continue reading The Faith Club Part 3

What I Learned from Ex-Cons

They were sitting in the living room playing guitars and singing songs about justice and the lack of it.  They had taught themselves to play in prison and they were good.  Dave was in the slammer off and on for 15 years for dealing meth and assorted other felonies.  Ladd served 20 years for being an accessory to murder.  They met in prison and stayed … Continue reading What I Learned from Ex-Cons

United Breaks Guitars: The Sequel

Canadian Dave Carroll and his band, Sons of Maxwell, are not giving United Airlines a break after they broke his beloved Taylor Guitar.  The sequel to United Breaks Guitars is out now.  His first video received over 5,000,000 hits on YouTube and earned him appearances on the morning shows. The production of this video is a bit more sophisticated and it even has credits and … Continue reading United Breaks Guitars: The Sequel

United Breaks Guitars Encore

As of this morning at 9 a.m. MT, Canadian Dave Carroll’s video “United Breaks Guitars” has had over 1.3 million hits on YouTube and the singer/songwriter says “it’s been a whirlwind.”  He has received a deluge of emails, a flood of Facebook friends, requests for gigs and interviews, and even a call from Oprah’s people to be a guest on the show.  “Every musician wants to get … Continue reading United Breaks Guitars Encore

United Breaks Guitars

For anyone who has ever had a nightmare flight on United Airlines and was unsatisfied with their customer service, you will enjoy this video.  United did not care about Canadian Dave Carroll after they broke his Taylor guitar when his band, Sons of Maxwell, was going to a gig in Nebraska.  So he wrote a song.  A scathing song.  A very scathing song. Thanks to YouTube, United … Continue reading United Breaks Guitars

Michael Jackson Dies

Say it isn’t so!  Pop icon Michael Jackson dies of a heart attack at age 50.  So much music left in him.  Too young to die.  I remember how excited we were hopping in big buses 25 years ago on July 16, 1984 and going en masse from Wichita to Kansas City for the opening night of his Victory Tour.  We anticipated it for weeks.  … Continue reading Michael Jackson Dies